Hi all! This is my first entry in the journal in which I plan to document my journey in the consulting and product business. In this post I'm going to share my goals, my background and what I'm going to do to achieve those goals.

Basically, I have two long term goals

  1. Transition from being a developer into being a consultant
  2. Gradually replace my income from services into income from products

Here's how my freelancing career looked like so far

Started to freelance in 2012, doing HTML, CSS mockups on a local freelance marketplace. Later that year transitioned into WordPress and PHP development, moved to Upwork. In 2013 learned JavaScript and Ruby on Rails, landed a RoR gig. During 2013-2017 worked on Upwork, researched a lot of tech stuff: system administration, machine learning, computer science topics, even cryptography.

2017-2018: At this point I slowly and painfully began to realize one thing. Even though I love tech and it is easy for me to learn this stuff, learning more about tech won't help me to achieve my business goals. I also realized that I never even tried to actually define my goals. So one evening I thought a lot about what I'd like to improve and came up with these: simplifying the process of finding new clients and raising my rates. I started to seriously consider working on the business part of my "freelance business". In 2018 I landed a Django contracting gig which I was able to find due to the help of Stephanie Hurlburt who was kind enough to retweet my post.

2018-2019: worked on the contracting gig part time, while reading as much as I could about various marketing topics in my free time. I bought books and enrolled in courses. I've mostly focused on a course which teaches you how to come up with products that people are going to buy. As part of the course I decided to focus on Django audience. I started researching their pains and even wrote some blog posts to address those pains.

Present time

I realized that working on a product might take a lot of time before it becomes a business that could pay for my living expenses. So, I decided to focus on my goal of becoming a consultant first. Finally, the contracting gig that I worked on comes to an end soon, so even more reasons to work on this now. I plan to resume working on products once I have enough projects in my pipeline to pay for my living expenses.

When I talk about being a consultant I mean this:

  • delivering more valuable work
  • working on the sales pipeline
  • charging higher rates
  • working with better clients

I believe that if I focus on the first two attributes, the rest would take care of itself. My plan is to write more about these topics as I'm figuring out more about them.